sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

Holy Encounters Thank you letter

Thank you all for your presence and support.
It was the first time I helped to organize an Art exhibit (I only participated as artist).
It was a great pleasure to organize the "Holy Encounters " and also a challenging task, too.
I would like to express my feelings here and share with you some of my overall impressions.
For me, the event was a real holy encounter. Because I had a deep experience to reflect and feel the dimension and importance of each of you in my life.
I didn't relax as much as I wanted to (I need to re learn that), because I wanted everything to be perfect for us. To take care of each one, even if it is impossible to do on these occasions.
I felt like the mother who organizes the first birthday party of her child, sometimes so worried on hosting the guests that forgets to relax, take the pictures and enjoy the party.
With this experience I hope to improve on the following events.
I leave my best wishes for each of you!
Please feel free to send this to your friends who were present on the event.

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